Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Post of the New Year! It's 2012!

There is a lot of updating to do here. I have gone MIA on blogging but if you follow me on instagram you are all up to date on what I do almost every day :) My last post was in December, and honestly I can't even remember that far back, luckily I take pictures with my phone all the time. (Sorry my instagram friends, I ONLY take pictures with my phone now hahah).

We moved back to the TUKEE (Awhatukee for those non-arizonans). We LOVE it here! We have a lovely house we rent from my dad. He fixed it up and now we rent it. Here are a few before and after pics.


Master bedroom 


Mostly After:
Except now there's a blue door :)

My brother-in-laws and father work wonders don't they? We are very grateful for all the help we had fixin this beauty up :) We moved in in February and love being back in the Tukee. 

In May I graduated from ASU and my little brother graduated from Desert Vista. WHOO HOO! He gets his mission call in the mail possibly TOMORROW! I am freaking out, but I am so proud of him being ready to serve.
         We are signing 2012

We celebrated our one year on May 27, WHOO HOO! In June to celebrate we went to California. We stayed in San Clemente and toured around to the different cities to visit our favorite things like Kelly and Derek, Disneyland, and the Temple. 

 We lost our keys at Disneyland on our first or second ride, we didn't realize this until it was time for the fireworks show so during the fireworks show we were frantically looking everywhere for our keys. After breaking into our car and asking every person we saw, we decided we had to wait till the rides closed down. Unfortunately, it was grad night so the rides would be open until 3 am and there was no guarantee they would be there. Our hotel was 45 min away and so a bus/taxi was out of the question because then we would just have to pay to come back. So we took a taxi to the cheapest/closest hotel. We spent the night and when lost and found opened at 8 we got a call saying they were found. There was a lot of praying and a lot of crying but we made it through our moment without keys. You don't appreciate what you have until its gone..... I love my keys!

The day after the 4th of July, we went to the Lake with Billy and Katy and had a BLAST!!

Well thats as recent as it's gonna get! I will need yo update about Mckay's mission call and I have some other very important news that needs to be told....but it has to wait to make sure it's official :)

P.S We got our year supply of flour and sugar (50 lbs. each) so I have been baking a lot! These are 2 of my recent obsessions! 

Aunt Debi's Quick Bread - ( I want to learn how to make my own bread, so I started easy)
1 T. yeast
2 c. warm water
1 T. sugar
1 t. salt - (some like more salt- 2 t.)
4 c. flour
- stir, let rise 1 hour. ( don't let salt and yeast touch until the stirring is happening, I learned this trick from my sister)
-shape, oil and corn meal bread pan ( I just did pam and some flour)
- rise
- bake 425 for 10 min.
- 375  for 15 min. 
- make 2 rounds or 2 long loaves ( I made one delicious big one)

HOMEMADE TORTILLAS = DELICIOUS ( 1/3rd this recipe! Trust me. Unless you need a million tortillas)
12 c. flour
3 t. salt
6 t. baking powders
1 1/2 c. oil- ( I used coconut oil, its healthier than veggie oil)
3 c. warm milk- maybe a little more
mix flour, salt and baking powder in your mixer. add oil then milk and continue mixing until a large stick ball forms. Wrap in plastic and let rest for 30 min. I put golf ball size flattened on my fry pan with olive oil. You can freeze them for later. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Loving Life!

This is LONG over due , or so I have been told. There have been many adventures since the last post. Since my excuse has been we have done nothing fun to blog about I have been reminded that's not true. So here is an overview.

We went to Florida in October and had a blast with my family. 

There have been a drought of posting since September. I think I have just been too lazy to post anything else exciting. The week I took the GRE I got to have a study picnic date with Nick. It was accompanied by little studying and lots of ducks/geese.

We have had fun playing with this adorable little face! 

We just recently went to Utah to go to the Salt Lake Temple and we went snowboarding in Park City. Although we drove through the night and without sleep I get grumpy, we had a fabulous time. A winter get-a-way right before finals. (Obviously thats what I should be doing right now). Here are the few pics I took on our trip. 
 Best Snowboard helper ever!! I love him!

                                                               We love these guys! Expecting baby Porter in Feb. 

 Lots of fun with friends!! This is super random, but that's what you get with an amateur blogger. We are excited it's finally getting cold in Phoenix and it is truly feeling like Christmas time. We got our first tree and we couldn't be more excited!
 We may or may not have driven home like this.....
Okay we didn't. 

Yes, our Christmas tree is in a Coca-cola bucket. Merry Christmas! :)